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After this .... then what?

Ex-racehorses do well in a variety of careers after the racetrack!!

Sure, there are always those destined for the breeding shed, but for many, that's not an option. What can they do? Well, polo, jumping, therapeutic riding, trail riding, western pleasure, dressage, cross-country, officer's mount, companion and even "just" a good friend.

ROAN Questions and Answers

Who is ROAN?

We are people who love racing, are involved in the sport as owners or fans and who linked up on various mailing lists or discussion boards via the Internet and want to help get ex-racehorses together with people seeking an equine companion.

We don't screen the folks or negotiate any deals - that's up to you to do. We have found that there are a lot of people out there looking for a "free" horse and that their intentions aren't always in the horse's best interest, so be aware of that when you are placing your horse.

ROAN makes no representations about any horses listed or any persons responding to posts on the list or bulletin board - the information is as it is given to us by the connections. We highly recommend that you utilize the services of experienced reputable professionals to advise you when you purchase or sell any horse.

Where do I see the horses available?

Horses Available are listed on the ROAN Bulletin Board. Also be sure to check out postings to the ROAN Mailing List which may include different horses NOT posted on the Bulletin board.

How do I get notice of new horses?

To be sure you get notice when new horses are added, join the ROAN mailing list for periodic listings of horses available (some are not listed on the ROAN pages but are off track racehorses or special needs cases) sent to your email address. To do this, just click on the link below:

Click to subscribe to roan

I don't see what I want, but I do have something specific in mind. Do you maintain some sort of database to match up horses and humans?

Sorry, no - we don't have the time to do that. There are some adoption agencies that may have that option, but generally it's up to you to monitor the boards, lists, etc to find that particular horse. Or you can always enlist a professional trainer if you've got something very specific in mind. There are several ways that you can keep current on new horses being listed here (and elsewhere) - you can keep checking this page every week or so, join the ROAN List and/or Equine Rescue News to get frequent updates since horses available may be posted only to the ROAN list or the Equine Rescue News. For more on those and other lists, please check the Equine Rescue News & Resources website. Also there are many other sites that specialize in off track and other horses - see the links below and at the Equine Rescue Adoption and Rescue Listings

How do I list a horse with ROAN?

Post your information on the ROAN Bulletin Board and/or the ROAN mailing list by submitting a message to it for moderator approval. Unfortunately due to spam, we've had to make the list only available for posting by subscribers. You can unsubscribe once your message is posted or go no mail if receiving email is a problem.

What does ROAN charge?

ROAN is a free service.

Where can I find out more about training an ex-racehorse?

Ex-Racehorse Discussion and Information Links

ExRacers community for retraining former racehorses.

Retraining Off-track Thoroughbreds Resources

Standardbred Information focuses on retraining off the track Standardbreds.

link to order Reschooling the Thoroughbred by Peggy Pittenger

link to order Book on Retraining the Harness Racehorse

Are there other programs that place former racehorses?

Ex-Racehorse Adoption & Rehabilitation Programs

Listing of an organization on this site is not an endorsement. It is provided as a service only. Please note that not all of these US organizations are registered 501(3)(c) nonprofits. If they claim 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(3) pending & it's important to you or you have doubts about the organization, you can check on their status using Guide Star or IRS Non-Profit Search.

Alternate Careers for Thoroughbreds - Vacaville, California - open to trainers, owners and breeders statewide.

American Standardbred Adoption Program - located in Wisconsin, but serves Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and the surrounding area. Also accepts other breeds.

Blue Springs Farm reschooling, consignments and rehoming off track Thoroughbreds - St. Johnsville, New York

CANTER - Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses. Can post off the track Thoroughbreds available, and post horses wanted here. Serving Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Pennsylvania, Indiana, etc.

CERF aka California Equine Retirement Foundation

MidAtlantic Horse Rescue - Chesapeake City, Maryland

Mix and Match Equine Referral Service - serving Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.

Moorecroft Racing Welfare Centre - their goal - take thoroughbred racehorses which have finished their racing days, for whatever reason, and assess, re-school and ultimately rehome them. East Sussex, England.

New York Horse Rescue based in Manorsville, New York and primarily for horses and owners/trainers based at Belmont and Aqueduct

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program based in Ohio.

NTRA Racehorse Adoption Referral Program helping to place retired Thoroughbreds with no future in racing or breeding.

Phase II Thoroughbreds covering Ontario, Canada

ReRun - has branches in Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Washington.

Standardbred Equestrian Program Adoption Agencies

Standardbred Retirement Foundation - helps place retired Standardbreds in loving homes.

Thoroughbred Charities of America

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

Tranquility Farm - Tehachapi, California - Thoroughbred retirement, retraining and adoption.

United Pegasus Foundation

I already have an ex-racehorse. How do I find out more about my horse?

Check out the ROAN FAQ to researching your horse.

Hummm .... maybe an ex-racehorse isn't right for me. Are there other organizations that offer horses for adoption or placement?

Additional organizations that have horses of all breeds available for adoption or placement - Adoption/Rescue Organizations

Equine Rescue News & Resources Home Page

Quarterpole Home Page

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